Episode 11 – Talking UDL with Kirk Behnke

For our January 2018 podcast we had Kirk Behnke. Kirk’s most recent position as the Assistant Director of Technical Assistance with CAST.  

Patrick shared some more Chrome extensions that help to “see” either issues with accessibility on a website or “see” how someone with vision issues will experience a website.  Patrick found these tools on Melissa Oliver’s website:  www.createaccessibility.com.

NoCoffee:  Chrome Extension that allows you to test a website to see how various vision issues will affect how a person can “view” it.  You can adjust the settings to visualize how different vision issues will affect the appearance of the site.

WAVE Evaluation ToolA Chrome Extension that which gives you visual feedback about the accessibility of your website.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.16.43 AM

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