Episode 15 – Josh Allen and #GoOpen #OER

This episode is all about OERs (Open Educational Resources).  They are great content for supplementing existing curriculum or even fully replacing it.   And, the best news is they’re free!  Josh Allen, Technology Integration Specialist from Lewis Central, also a member of the Dads In Ed podcast, joins us to talk about his experiences with OERs and the Go Open movement. Tools discussed to help students … Continue reading Episode 15 – Josh Allen and #GoOpen #OER

Episode 14 — Daniel McNulty and Kelli Suding

Incredible conversation with Kelli and Daniel from the Patins Project in Indiana.  CCSD’s own Lindsey Spears joined us as well to discuss what it means to be a reader.  Patrick shared a couple of great Chrome extensions that clean up websites to make them less distracting.   Tools shared: Stay Focusd Chrome Extension Mercury Reader Chrome Extension   Continue reading Episode 14 — Daniel McNulty and Kelli Suding